Thursday, January 23, 2020

"The Progs Are Frantically Trying To Do Damage Control After Richmond: That's how you know it was a success."

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 Sheriff Mack @ 3:06

Philadelphia Enquirer.
Because this year, on MLK Day, a gun-rights rally took place in Virginia. The kind featuring thousands of mostly white people, many of them carrying guns, some allegedly from right-wing hate groups, and all united in their fervent desire to carry weapons that kill.
I support the right to keep and bear arms. But the spectacle of a reported 22,000 people — many of them white and armed — converging on the Virginia Capitol was reminiscent of a gigantic lynch mob, and it was chilling that such a gathering took place on the only national holiday honoring a black man.
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  1. In what way can it be considered a success when the democratic controlled legislature is pressing on with the entire anti-civil rights package as if the gathering never happened?


    1. Leftists always lie.
      Leftists always double down.
      Leftists always project.

      What, you expected Gov. Coon and squad to suddenly depart from their wicked ways? You expected them to see the light, beg forgiveness, go to sin no more?

      One happy response to the rally is -surprise, surprise- the commies doubled down. They have been exposed even more but since they are all in for their wicked ways, they have sought to utter even more foolishness. Witness the remarks streaming out of them. That response is because first there was an event. That event was the rally.

      But there are also a response from more reasonable people. The Southern States Police Benevolent Assoc. Don't forget the various county Sheriffs and Attorney Generals in 21 states. People are publicly declaring which side they choose. No one, well, no rational person, is going to stay wishy-washy about this.

      Think of it as a muster to all hands. It is happening, well and truly.


  2. There is only one way to stop these tyrants and it ain't by protesting or voting our way out of it,and ain't NO knight in shining armor coming to help us, IT AIN'T GOING TO HAPPEN!!! Until we figure this out things are only going to get worse and to the point to where we have little to no chance of fixing this mess. I pray a great realization takes place before it's too late. GOD BLESS THE REPUBLIC !!!!!