Sunday, January 19, 2020

Robert E. Lee: American Hero

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Several years ago, leftist blowhard Richard Cohen at the Washington Post wrote that Robert E. Lee “deserves no honor — no college, no highway, no high school. In the awful war (620,000 dead) that began 150 years ago this month, he fought on the wrong side for the wrong cause. It’s time for Virginia and the South to honor the ones who were right.” He echoed a piece in the New York Times by the equally abrasive “establishment” historian Elizabeth Brown Pryor that portrayed Lee as an abject traitor to his family, a man who was not torn by his decision to side with Virginia and who with equal vigor embraced secession and supported slavery.

A contemporary Internet search for “Robert E. Lee traitor” brings up several articles that lambaste Lee for turning his back on his “country” and violating his military oath. This would not have been the case less than fifty years ago, but Lee has been reduced to a non-American, an insignificant other of American history who had a foot fetish and propagated a “myth” of Southern righteousness. After all, as Cohen wrote, “he offered himself and his sword to the cause of slavery….Such a man cannot be admired.”


  1. Stonewall was leading his entire corp on a risky 14 mile march, planned with Lee over a small campfire in the dark woods only hours before. Lee had already divided his small army in two, one to face the Union army coming in force across Kelly’s ford on the Rappahannock river and another substantial part to fend off attack on his rear at Fredericksburg. Now he was to divide his army once again, this time in ballsy plan to out-flank the pompous Union General, “Fighting Joe” Hooker, now headquartered at Chancellorsville — little more than a few ramshackle buildings and a rough little inn on the road west of Fredericksburg.

    It was one of the boldest military movements in all military history. Yet few today know of it, since the PC apparatchiks work to suppress the least White pride nowadays.
    You know, Stonewall Jackson was wounded by his own men by
    mistake, hence, he died a week or so later. His left arm had
    to be amputated. His arm and his body are buried in two
    different graves.

    1. ballsy plan

      Yes and this flanking movement, which was Stonewall's plan, is still taught at West Point but don't know how much longer....:( I've been to his arms' grave. :)

  2. So you knew about Stonewall's arm and different burial sites.
    First I heard of it.
    Lee said, "you may have lost your left arm but I surely have
    lost my right arm."
    Lovely music and singing, 'Gods and Generals':

    1. Lovely music and singing, 'Gods and Generals':

      Just wonderful. They would have made the third but the liberals crunched this one. Also, the arm's grave is right beside the road if you ever have a chance to visit. Think it's off Route 17.

  3. I wonder what those shitbirds would say about another son of Virginia, Matthew Fontaine Maury. Maury resigned his commission to join the Cause.

  4. Thank you. If I ever get that way again.

    1. It's three hours from my place so come and visit! :)

    2. Thank you. I certainly shall.
      It was a great loss for the Southern cause when Stonewall died.
      Men like Stonewall Jackson and Nathan Bedford Forrest were not squeamish when it came to the art of killing. When asked what to do about massive looting and vandalism by Union troops in Fredericksburg on the eve of the December 1862 battle, Jackson replied: “Kill them, sir. Kill them every one.” Forrest’s ferocity is the stuff of legend. His philosophy was “war means fighting, and fighting means killing.” He was SO good at it that William T. Sherman once wrote, “Forrest should be hunted down and killed if it costs 10,000 lives and bankrupts the treasury.”

      Sometimes wonder if Stonewall was not intentionally killed
      by a traitor.

    3. As I remember, there were more than one who fired at him.

  5. Happy Birthday, Robert E. Lee. Lee was the only person to pass
    thru West Point without earning a single demerit.
    A true paragon.