Saturday, February 15, 2020

“If [Sanders] is the nominee, we lose,” another Democrat told Fox News.

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The strength of Sen. Bernie Sanders' campaign is causing palpable panic among Democrats from battleground states and swing districts who worry they’ll lose with a democratic socialist at the top of the ticket.

Moderate lawmakers sounded the alarm bells Thursday at the Capitol after Sanders won New Hampshire and finished strong in Iowa, heading into the March contests with money and momentum.
“It’s bad,” said one freshman Democrat from a swing district. “We are having conversations about how to deal with this.”

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  1. The old commie is angling for another house. This week I heard on the radio that for the 2016 election the Sanders campaign paid $85 million for advertising. The media company hired to handle the advertising consisted of two brothers operating out of the house of one of them. The media company had been newly established, it didn't even have a website. Oh, and the two brothers were long time friends of Sanders.

    So, a national campaign hires a newly formed ad company, run by long time friends, which didn't spend all the money. Why shouldn't we speculate that it was a racket to launder money and some portion of that money was paid back to Sanders as an individual?

    How does a 'democrat socialist' become so rich?


    1. How does a 'democrat socialist' become so rich?

      As well as 90% of our elected officials.

  2. Sander's rally worth a good laugh:
    I recall when topless protestors did this to Putin; he just
    laughed and seemed pleased.

    1. That was rich. :) It would be an easy decision if it was between Putin and Sanders. :)