Monday, March 2, 2020

Best Handgun For Small Hands

 a photo showing options for best handgun for small hands

If you’re looking for the best handgun for small hands, there’s a pistol market full of options to choose from. Just like trying on clothes in different sizes, one pistol isn’t going to be a one size fits all solution. Before making a pistol purchase you may regret, spend time researching your options. Get your hands on and grip as many as possible. Then, spend some time at the range with different models if you can.  

When it comes to comparing pistols, there are a few considerations I recommend researching before making a decision. The first is the reputation of the gun’s manufacturer. I explore their warranty policies and see how long it would take for them to repair something if the pistol broke. Look up the availability of parts, how long the manufacturer has been in the firearms industry, and if they are still producing the pistol you’re interested in. 

What About Ammo?

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