Tuesday, April 21, 2020

China Backs Democratic Resistance to President Trump

Via G.W. Long via Ninety Miles From Tyranny  

 China Backs Democratic Resistance to President Trump - American ...

Democratic governors are forming regional blocs to resist President Donald Trump’s efforts to get the American economy moving and put people back to work. They have picked up a powerful ally, one that should give the public cause for alarm. On April 19, the editor-in-chief of the Global Times, a major media outlet of the Chinese Communist Party, wrote an op-ed in which he stated “My advice is to focus China-US anti-epidemic cooperation with US states, while giving the federal government a cold shoulder.” Like the Democrats, Hu Xijin attacked Trump’s policies and proclaimed, “China needs to take necessary actions and express its strong dissatisfaction.” The graphic accompanying Hu’s column showed an American fist slamming down in a demand for action being held in check by a Chinese hand held up signaling stop.

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  1. Trump, by EO should freeze all China financial accounts, freeze and seize all properties including our ports. Freeze all Visa, travel and immigration and declare China a rogue, terrorist state. Remove all diplomatic personal and Us based NGO personal and recall all US Citizens currently in China and expel all Chinese students, travelers and Visa holders and all Diplomatic personal. Let them ponder that and cut the democraps off at the knee. I believe it is in his power to do all of the above and nother the democraps can do about it except whine.