Monday, April 27, 2020

Forbidden History: The Redeemer State Governments and the End of Reconstruction

Wade Hampton (1818-1902) Confederate Lieutenant General and cavalry officer, Governor of South Carolina 1876-1879 U.S. Senator 1879-1891.

In 1867, because unscrupulous members of the Union League and Freedmen’s Bureau were reported to have been inciting newly freed slaves to use violence, former Confederate Lieutenant General John Brown Gordon told a group of blacks:

“He who teaches you to regard our interest as conflicting, is not a friend to your race. Our interests are identical. If the white man is oppressed, his colored neighbor must suffer with him. They are embarked together; the one cannot swim if the other sinks.”

The following from a Union League Catechism outlines the divisive political nature of that organization and Radical Republican objectives:
Q: With what party should the colored man vote?
A: The Union Republican Party
Q: What is the difference between Radicals and Republicans?
A: There is none
Q: Would the Democrats take away all the Negro’s rights?
A: They would.
Q: The colored men then should vote with the Republican or Radical Party?
A: They should and shun the Democratic Party as they would the overseer’s lash and the auction block.

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