Sunday, April 19, 2020

Proof Democrats Are Crazy, Insane and a Danger to Us All

Via Billy

What's Wrong With the Democrats? - The Atlantic

If you weren't convinced that Democrats are crazy, insane and a danger to us all, I now have clear and irrefutable proof.

It's hydroxychloroquine.

That's the anti-malaria drug that has become a weapon in our arsenal to defeat coronavirus. The stories of its remarkable success in the battle versus this terrible, deadly pandemic are everywhere. They are no longer "anecdotal." This Trump-touted drug appears to be a miracle drug.

I'll get to all those stories in a moment. But first let me mention the latest Rasmussen poll, which shows that only 18% of Democrats would take hydroxychloroquine if they were sick with coronavirus.

You know what you call that? Crazy, insane and dangerous. Democrats would rather let Americans die than give Trump a chance to take credit. Some might call that murder, or, certainly, manslaughter.

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  1. I suppose if Trump suggested getting outside on fresh air and sunshine for Vitamin D, a known immunity enhancement, they would stay in or cover up outside to avoid the sunshine. But then, officialdom, the white coat experts and the media NEVER mention strengthening our immunity! Crazy! Whatz up wi' dat?? --Ron W