Sunday, April 19, 2020

Concerning Covid-19: All Of Your Models Are Wrong!

At the very beginning of this outbreak, while I didn’t dismiss the threat of the Coronavirus, I stated to several friends online, and to family and extended family, that we haven’t yet heard the whole story on this.  It’s buried, and if anyone knows it all, he isn’t talking, or if he does, he’ll probably not be talking for long.  He’ll disappear.

I was perhaps the first out of the gate saying that this was an engineered virus.  My background is engineering and mathematical model development, and so the lack of background with microbiology caused most people to ignore my statements.  But to me, the facts that this virus hasn’t learned to live among the population without killing its host, is the perfect admixture of SARs, Bat-SARs and HIV to cause problems with humans, and came from near a weapons lab, along with the Chinese doctrine of unrestricted warfare, pointed to something much more sinister than a wet market.  I would also mention my views on the second law of thermodynamics and increasing entropy, and the virtual perfection in development of this pathogen versus the stochastic diminution that would occur in nature.

Then along came Paul Cotrell’s video (he has many more since then) followed by the Epoch Times research, in which the microbiology studies were supplemented by the paper trail, and it suddenly became a little more difficult to dismiss my assertions.


  1. Here's a question boys and girls...for those of you with federal/military work experience:

    How many heads of fed agencies currently serving...

    ...have been there since 1984? Joe Tentpeg

    1. federal/military work experience:

      I have both but don't have a clue.