Monday, April 20, 2020

Anti-Lockdown Protests Spread Across America

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Demonstrators protest against an extended stay-at-home order to help slow the spread of COVID-19 at the Capitol building in Olympia, Washington, on April 19, 2020. (Reuters/Lindsey Wasson)
 “Even if the virus were 10 times as dangerous as it is, I still wouldn’t stay inside my home. I’d rather take the risk and be a free person,”
Spurred by growing lockdown fatigue, more Americans took to the streets over the weekend as leaders ride the line between protecting people from the CCP virus and allowing them the means to still have a roof over their heads or even enough to eat.

Rallies in Arizona, Colorado, Montana, and Washington state took place on Sunday, demanding that governors lift strict controls on public activity, according to multiple reports. It followed similar protests earlier in half a dozen states, with people demanding a lifting of restrictions that have plunged the once-booming economy into a historic tailspin.

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