Monday, April 20, 2020

It's almost as if China lied

 It's almost as if China lied

Worried about its global image, China is now trying to cover up its cover-ups.

The Chinese Communist regime has been trying to downplay and conceal the extent of the coronavirus for months, reporting coronavirus numbers that were far below what they should have been and hoping the rest of the world wouldn’t care. Many in the mainstream media fell for this ploy, but nevertheless, global skepticism toward China has rightly continued to grow. So, China began revising its numbers, releasing a report last week that raised the death toll in Wuhan, the region in which the virus originated, by more than 50%.


  1. They are China. They dont value the truth. They value face. They value sacrificing little people so that higher people won't suffer embarassment. They have been living that way 1000 years before communism. They are Chinese first. Them communist.