Saturday, April 25, 2020

Protestor on Northam: I believe he’s a tyrant..President Trump said it best...when he said ‘Liberate Virginia.’ & State Health Commissioner: The first phase of reopening the state of Virginia “will be a two year affair,”

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Kiss my ruddy, red rectum.
The first phase of reopening the state of Virginia “will be a two year affair,” State Health Commissioner Norman Oliver said on Friday.

Gov. Ralph Northam (D) shared the “blueprint” to reopen Virginia on Friday, dubbed the “Forward Virginia Blueprint,” which outlines a phased approach to reopening the state — an approach embraced by a number of other states.

“We cannot and will not lift restrictions the way you turn on a light switch,” Northam (D) said. “We will do it responsibly and deliberately, and it has to be grounded in data.”

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  1. Man! My memes are writing themselves.

  2. That northham boy is gonna find himself waking up swinging from a lamp post. And his buddy the state health commie oliver is gonna be his lamp post buddy.

  3. Folks all over the Piedmont and Valley are already doing business quietly Much of it in cash- no taxes They are not waiting for permission. Coastal areas a little slower but they will catch up. Little ralphie is clueless and can't project power beyond Richmond.
    Best Regards
    Red in OleVirginny

    1. All that's needed is many doing the same. Talking about it on NC Facebook pages.
      REOPEN NC12
      ReOpen Carteret County

  4. Here is what I did with that picture: