Friday, May 29, 2020

What President Trump Did Just Last Week

Via John

Here's the Full List of Donald Trump's Executive Orders

"The man is amazing; he gets things done!"

While the MSM works tirelessly to make Donald Trump out to be a buffoon, over the last week he did the following, but you probably won't hear about it:

1. Made vaccines voluntary not mandatory. Military will check purity and distribute vaccines

2. Defunded WHO forever and wants an investigation into its operations

3. Cancelled the Democrats HR666 bill, known as the Covid19TRACE Act that was the basis for Bill Gates's diagnosis and tracking project, which was also cancelled.

4. Cancelled Bill Gates project known as ID2020

5. Opened a complaint platform to report censorship on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It was overrun with complaints. They got the evidence.

6. Executive Order to reopen states: Governors who refuse to reopen will be sued.

7. Executive Order for W.H. to take over all Electrical Grids: Which will include Internet servers, Broadcasting systems, Electronic systems.

8. Declares places of worship ''Essential Business"


  1. I can't find anything on #6...

    1. Haven't found it but do remember it vaguely. I sent an email to my source and will let you know. Thanks

    2. Evidently he didn't check it out first. Sorry.

      That wasn't my list, but I can't find anything on #6 either.6....he did threaten to override governor-ordered lockdowns. Perhaps that's what got #9 on the list.