Monday, June 1, 2020

The College Football Hall of Fame is now gone.....obliterated in Atlanta

Via John

"A very tough night for downtown Atlanta. This is the FORMER College Football Hall of Fame.

It no longer exists. Not in Atlanta, nor anywhere else.

I'm 18 miles from my city center and yet I'm trapped in my house by a curfew
caused by "LIBERAL" flaming assholes and flaming liberal fucken mayor and governor.
They should be in jail and instead I'm, in effect, in "jail" least from 8pm to 6am daily.

After the Covid lockdown was just ending, now comes the Black Live Matters, Antifa, and radical Democrats lockdown. I'm tired of being a semi-prisoner. Three months is enough. I wish the sheriff would deputize me so I can legally break heads and knees, and I'm sure there are many, many, many, would gladly join in the effort, if permitted. Some of you reading this may wish to do the same.

I've done nothing wrong and I am completely, thoroughly, and totally FUCKING pissed
off and hope you are too. Progressives have to be destroyed and do so within the cities they've destroyed.

At this moment, 9:45 EDT, New York City is in a state of unbridled chaos. the Big Apple
has become the Rotten Apple. Where once there was Rudy G, who could have kept the city safe, there is now the uber-incompetent Big Bird, DeBlasio."

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