Friday, July 10, 2020

An Open Letter To 6 North Carolina Democrats

Via John

 An Open Letter To 6 North Carolina Democrats

Dear Representatives,

I’m writing to you hoping to get an answer to a simple question: why did you change your vote on the Second Amendment Protection Act? During the legislative session, you voted for the measure, but after Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed the bill, you switched your vote and opposed the act during a veto override vote this week. Why?

Was it simple partisanship? After all, Cooper hasn’t had a veto overturned since you and your fellow Democrats were able to end the Republican-controlled legislature’s veto-proof majority with your pickups in the 2018 elections. You’ve so far allowed Gov. Cooper to get his way, even if it means switching your votes so that the veto override fails. Does it just boil down to red versus blue?

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