Friday, July 10, 2020

"I love when people call Trump Stupid..

Via Stephen

calling Trump stupid - Imgflip

You mean the multi-billionaire who kicked every Democrats butt, buried 16 career Republican politicians, and continues to make fools out of once reputable news organizations ..
You mean the guy who won the presidency?
You mean the guy with the super model wife?
You mean the guy whose words alone put a massive slow down on illegal border crossings?
You mean the guy whose mere presence made the stock market smash its previous records?
You mean the guy who created 1 million jobs in his first 7 months in office?
Are you sure you even know what it is you're resisting?
Are you sure you back a party that enables the decimation of every core principal of Christianity?

Are you sure you really take a politician like Maxine Waters seriously?
Are you sure you don't see anything wrong with someone who has a 40 yr career as a public servant living in a $4.5 mansion representing a district she doesn't even live in?
Are you sure you see nothing wrong or peculiar about Hillary Clinton a woman being involved in politics for the last 30 yrs having a net worth of $240 million?
Are you sure you're not just basing your opinion on hatred spewed by a crooked paid for media platform?
Could you even tell me 5 things the Democratic Party has done to improve your day to day prosperity as a hard working American citizen?
Probably not..
Do you realize the debacle you are sending your children into once they become adults by continuing to support a political party that has done nothing for the poor except kept them poor, gave them free abortions, and a few hundred a month to keep food in their fridge?
The prosperity and safety of its citizens is job one of your government.
Get with the program.
Everyone else has horribly failed you!
Smarten up and take a position for the sake of your children.
I promise you a country full of illegal immigrants, abortions, $15 an hour jobs, and non-gender specific people aren't gonna make your country and life any more prosperous.
Rosie, Madonna, Katy Perry, and Robert Deniro are not just like you. They don't have to live through the real world day to day disparity of an average American.
Men don't hate women, white people don't hate black people, and Donald Trump is not a racist.
Stop allowing yourself to be brainwashed by a party that has continuously failed you.
Be about your prosperity, your safety, your children, and an America First mindset.
Dump these crooked politicians that have stunted your growth.
Dump these crooked politicians that have stunted your children's growth.
Toughen up, take a stand, and act like a proud American.
See the spirit of Trump supporting and freedom loving Americans and just imagine where we could be as a country if everyone had the same priorities”


  1. GOOD MORNING, BROCK! We the People ARE in Deep Doo Doo. And President TRUMP IS THE Way out of it. Just like Reagan, President TRUMP WILL DEFEAT the Marxist PUSH to "Overthrow this Nation without firing a shot." This is a simple TRUTH Meme that sums up a lot in just a few words. Ole Clint is looking tired. But he still has it going on behind those eyes.

    I found this article at Mike's 90 Miles from Tyranny today, I followed the links to The American Spectator:

    It is a short article. BUT A LONG READ. Who was Alexander Kerensky? What have Alexander and Joe Biden got in common? DOES HISTORY REALLY REPEAT ITSELF? Does anyone in their right mind believe that any one of these Marxist Pukes trying to influence our Nation has the BRAINS to Come up with the SCHIFFT that they are spewing, on their own? Or, are they just ACTORS (Useful Idiots) READING A POISONOUS SCRIPT. One which was written long ago, and when enacted to it's final scene of Death and Destruction, has Conquered Many Profitable, and Prolific Societies, throughout History. What these Marxists are trying to achieve is NOT OF THE JUDEO-CHRISTIAN GOD that we Know. It is of, and from, the ADVERSARY to TRUTH AND INDIVIDUAL FREEDOMS, pure and SIMPLE. See what you think, Brock.

    Thank You for ALL that you Do for Freedom Brock. It is way more than you might believe. Your tireless endeavors here, are very important to far more folks than the numbers of readers everyday might imply. FNC is an Important Beacon of TRUTH. Endeavor to Persevere, Sir.

    1. Excellent and thanks!