Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Beyond defunding the police: Democratic leaders condone crime

 Beyond defunding the police: Democratic leaders condone crime ...

Democrats are moving a step beyond national debate over defunding the police, with three leading Democrats issuing statements over the past month that excuse or tolerate criminal acts.

As some Seattle residents illegally seized several city blocks in June and christened the area the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, the Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan did not initially intervene. Instead, Durkan said CHAZ was “patriotic” and that it could turn into “a summer of love.”
“Burning, rioting, and looting are criminal acts and should never be justified or excused,” said Heritage Foundation President Kay James. “It is an absolute scandal that political and corporate elites would not only excuse this behavior, but cheerlead the destruction of communities, the ransacking of local family businesses, and the skyrocketing rates of violence against the most vulnerable citizens.

We must ... expose the powerful people who are providing aid and comfort to the domestic enemies of our American republic.”


  1. Only THEIR crime.


  2. For years the Politicians have been eroding our 2A rights and resisting any moves to restore those freedoms all under the exhortation that the State would protect us. "That's what the police are for" they crow at every chance. Now they call for scraping the Police and what little is left of the rule of law. But still no reversal on any current gun restrictions of course.