Monday, July 20, 2020

How To Choose A Gun – A First-Timer’s Guide

 a photo of a variety of ridiculous gun accessory memes

Now that you’ve decided to buy your first gun, you’ve got to choose what gun to get. While it helps to ask others their opinions, you’re going to get all sorts of recommendations on what your first gun should be. It’s great to get feedback about certain firearms, but when going to buy your first gun, ask yourself the following questions. They’ll guide you through how to choose a gun that’ll be a good fit for your needs.

What’s The Purpose Of The Gun?

This is the first question you have to ask yourself before you buy your first gun. It’s the foundational question to know what kind of gun you are looking for. For example, the purpose of a small, concealable handgun is very different from the purpose of a bolt action rifle chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. Below are some examples of categories of guns that fill a specific purpose.

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  1. Hey! Where can I get that 198 bullet extendo magazine for my semi auto? I didn't know you can tape a bunch of AK-47 magazines together, will it works for an AR-15 or a M-14 Farm Rifle? My friend and cousin want to know...

    1. :)I know you're being facetious, but the AK works with two mags: but it's about as fast just dropping the mag and inserting another from your belt.

  2. I think you need a minimum of 3 guns first, a 22 rifle, a 12 gauge shotgun and a 38 special revolver and it doesn't matter what order you buy them in. Then you can spend time deciding on what the 4th gun is going to be. Who can live with just one gun? That's absurd.

  3. If you don't have a gun, just get whatever the store has in stock. A very high chance you aren't a "gun person" and will never use it for anything but to feel safer. Mission accomplished.