Monday, July 20, 2020

Stop the Southern Covid19 Surge Cover-up: The Need for Discernment and Speaking Out

 U.S. Border Patrol Patch.

In North Carolina, where there is usually a large increase of Hispanic workers during the prime agricultural and tourist months, Latinos make up 9.6 percent of the resident population but are a whopping 44 percent of Covid19 cases.  In the case of both guest-workers and illegal immigrants, their living quarters are frequently crowded and social distancing much more difficult.

 On Wednesday, July 15, more than 70 U.S. Army soldiers of the 44th Medical Brigade were airlifted from Fort Bragg in North Carolina to McAllen, Texas. McAllen is on the Texas border with Mexico.
According to Lt. Col. Colin Frament, commander of the 528th Field Hospital, the primary mission of the Fort Bragg unit will be to aid local hospitals treating patients hospitalized as a result of Covid19 virus.


  1. There's no such thing in law as an "illegal immigrant".

    Any of these gobbledygook phrases are propaganda to establish a perception that "illegal aliens", the correct lawful terminology, would have a right to be here.

    They don't.