Tuesday, July 14, 2020

NBA store allows “Kill Cops,” and “Burn Jews,” but not “free Hong Kong.”

 NBA China

Customers looking to purchase NBA jerseys with approved custom slogans on the back have found that the NBA store endorses anti-cop slogans, but “Free Hong Kong” was forbidden.

Several would-be NBA customers took to social media to report that the NBA’s official store had curious criteria for what phrases it will allow to be put on official NBA merchandise.

“The NBA bans you, the fan, from putting #freehongkong on customized league jerseys even as they allow players to wear customized jerseys,” Clay Travis tweeted Monday.

Travis included a short video clip showing him trying to put “Free Hong Kong” into the NBA’s customization field on its website. But when he tried to type in “Free Hong Kong,” the site would not allow the phrase.

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  1. So buy cheaper knock-offs of NBA products from CHina and put whatever you like on it.


    1. Certainly have no interest to put it mildly .:)

  2. and now I read this crap after reading the story of a young man who saved his sister.
    At least there is hope for the world in the young man's story. Thanks