Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The Mess in Portland: Progressives blame Trump for the disorder they’ve tolerated

 Opinion: Trump and the Portland Riots

Anarchists and rioters have wreaked havoc on Portland, Ore., for nearly two months. Democrats have excused and emboldened them, and they’re now claiming the real problem is that federal law enforcement has intervened to restore order. Maybe the feds should leave and let the city put out its own fires.

Peaceful protests broke out in Portland in late May in response to the killing of George Floyd, but they’ve quickly escalated to rioting and vandalism. Demonstrators have launched large fireworks at law enforcement, shone laser...
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  1. Trump needs to pull the Feds or restrict them to federal property. The mayor of Portland is one of the Anarchists. That electorate needs to learn a hard lesson.

    1. But they won't.
      They'll reelect them and those that can move will... to a red state and keep voting Democrat till they ruin that state, too.