Wednesday, August 12, 2020

BLM billboard leaving Confederate flag site in Pittsboro. Raleigh billboard going up.

Via Reborn 

Pittsboro Confederate flag owner forces down BLM billboard ... 

Pittsboro Confederate flag owner forces down BLM billboard ...
 “I told them the 31st of August that sign better be gone, because Sept. 1, if that sign’s not down, they’re going to hear my chainsaw running,”

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As one Black Lives Matter billboard is coming down in Pittsboro, another is going up in Raleigh, says a social-justice advocate involved in both projects.

Kerwin Pittman, founder of the nonprofit Recidivism Reduction Educational Program Services Inc. (RREPS), said he’s not surprised the Pittsboro billboard erected last month next to a Confederate flag on U.S. 64 Business didn’t last long.

The contract with Lamar Advertising Co. was supposed to be for a full year, until next July, but Sam White, the owner of the Confederate flag, didn’t want the black billboard with the white letters spelling “Black Lives Matter” on his land.

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  1. That's how you do it. No negotiation. Take a hard stand. These people want to destroy your life. And they will seek to destroy your livelihood and that of your family and friends. How can there be tolerance for those people? Not if they do not change their wicked ways. Until then, no quarter given. God bless America.