Wednesday, August 26, 2020

"It's not a pandemic, it's a plandemic."

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As '#Plandemic' goes viral, those targeted by discredited ...


Long time fan & Reader.  Look forward to every issue.

But . . .

I cannot let stand the comments in the Sep/Oct Op-Ed piece.  Let me tell you why.

I'm 80, with a number of debilitating conditions, my wife is 79, and similarly situated.  We are 'Prime Targets' for this virus.  I had a career in Engineering, Design, and Construction.  Those are trades where you better damn well know what you're talking about.  So I do a LOT of research.  I'm also a writer of Alternate History, and so, I do a  L O T  of research.  Let's just say, I know how to dig, where to dig, and what to look for.  I have done my due diligence in the matter of CoVid 19.  Here's what I KNOW . . .

It's not a pandemic, it's a plandemic.  The numbers being tossed around by MSM are pulled out of the air, and relate to nothing factual.  The best verified numbers indicate a mild flu, with a survival rate of 99.65%.  The best verified numbers indicate the huge majority of fatalities are associated with elderly
patients, already sick, in 'facilities'.  The best verified data indicates the majority of infections are fecal - oral and transmitted by caregivers with filthy hands, again, in 'health care' facilities.  The 'tests' are meaningless, they don't actually have an effective test for this flu, and it mutates fast enough that they'll always be behind the curve.  The same applies to a vaccine.  There is not, and never has been a vaccine for the common cold, ordinary flu or any of the myriad of corona viri swirling around us every day.  I can supply you with my notes and references.

I called it a plandemic to illustrate that it is attuned to a political objective, and adapted to serve a particular agenda.  I can supply you with my notes and references.


A Cloth mask is especially bad, because the virus is so small, it equates to stopping a Mosquito with a Chain Link fence.  The paper dust masks are not any better, and the medical masks are not intended to prevent virus infection, but to keep gross spittle and snot off the patient, and his blood out of your mouth.  If this was about your health and mine, Charlie, why is it OK for celebs to bypass NY's Quarantine regs to attend an awards ceremony?

Why was it OK for every attendee at John Lewis' funeral to ignore masks, and distancing; why is it all right for the rioters and looters to commit their crimes without masks?   What about Sweden where they did no lockdown, no quarantine and no social distancing, and masks were optional?
Its not about your health or mine, Buddy, it's ALL about that political objective and the agenda.  Again, I can furnish my notes and references.

That's enough on that dead horse, I think.

Now, George Floyd was NOT MURDERED.  George passed from this mortal coil due to the massive slug of Fentanyl and cocaine, and residual Meth residue in his system.  And FWIW, George was no Choir boy.  He had a rap sheet going back years, and had used guns in committing his assaults.
The restraint technique exhibited by Officer Chauvin is one approved by his Agency, trained by his Agency and used by many other agancies.  Granted the optics are not great, but an attentive viewer, a sentient being perhaps, will note that George can move his head, talk, and  complain vociferously
while subject to the hold.  His trachea was not crushed, nor even pressured.  Now, Mr Floyd exhibited signs of drug induced instability, incoherence, andparanoia.  The female occupant of his car confirmed for the officers that he had inserted a wad of drugs in his anus, (Called Hooping) to maximize effect, and that "he be higher than shit".  Fentanyl kills by shutting down the respiratory system.  It is SOP to position the patient on his stomach to help him breathe - this also works for Covid pneumonia patients, BTW.  In Justice, there should be no convictions of the officers involved, and healthy settlements  if they are actually tried.  Again, I'll furnish you my notes and references.

And lastly, Jacob Blake, another sterling character brandishing a knife, threatening the officers and a third party, refusing to comply or cooperate, and after stating "I'm gonna get my gun out' d car" stalked to the car, snatched open the door and leaned into the driver's compartment, ignoring the Taser and Police commands.  Did he have a gun?  He said he did.  Did he have it in hand?  I don't know, and neither did the officers present.  It's a case of self defense.  A man knows what he's about to do, you and I and the officers have to guess.  Mr Blake was not an unknown individual to the police, he had three outstanding warrants, and a violent history.  He could have shot two or three officers before someone shut him down.  I was a Soldier, at the sharp end, I know what my call would have been.  What say you?  (BTW, the GoFundMe swag for Blake has exceeded $1,000,000.  He owes those cops a beer, I think)

Charlie, I really appreciate you and Junior, and the magazine.  I miss most mightily the 'Old Days' and lament daily, that my grandkids will never know the freedom, the country, the life their fathers had.  I earnestly hope and pray the health and prosperity of the whole clan continues.

PS.  If we disagree, let us agree to disagree and let it go at that.


  1. a)
    The goofballs terrorizing America cities are in a declared war.
    The goofballs are soldiers.
    LawEnforcementOfficials are the wrong response.

    After 'de-funding' the LawEnforcementOfficials, can we 'fund' militias?

    1. They were funded in the 1700's. More information at the links.

      My 6th Great Grandfather Was Recognized As Fighting/Dying In The Militia At Core Creek At 35 Years Of Age. A son who was seventeen at the time was also killed, but there is no mention of him. His wife was killed, his daughter, who was but three, was killed, and my fifth great grandfather, at seven years old, was missed somehow, and most fortunately.
      "In the following year, his name appears in an official record of claims paid to persons in Craven Precinct in consequence of militia service rendered by themselves or their testators, intestates, or assignors, during the Tuscarora War."

      Tuscaroras And (My Family)
      *reports state that women were killed by having saplings forced into their vaginas.