Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Pockets of Resistance

Via Ralph

Michael Schuer - February 02, 2009

"Marching Toward Hell: America and Islam after Iraq"

I hold a great measure of respect for Mr. Sheuer - I read "Through Our Enemies' Eyes" back in the day - good stuff and helped me in my efforts. It might be worthwhile to read the revised edition.
He recently posted this call on his blog for POTUS to "do something" - while I agree with his SITREP - his proposed solution, as regards the rioting and civil unrest is, in my estimate, another step on the road toward, not away from, totalitarianism. What Yuri Bezmenov dubbed "normalization." Once people are sufficiently terrorized, they will accept most any level of tyranny, just to make the terror stop.

So yeah, Ralph sounds off:

"Compliments in general on the SITREP. Having served in the same chain of command, at the same time, and in some of the same battles as you, I feel compelled, however, to remind you that centralized government is not what our Founding Fathers intended.

So your call for POTUS to "do something" is just the opposite of what is required at this juncture. In fact, POTUS and the .gov machinery are, in fact, "doing something" - they are deploying Federalized police forces to cities that will not police themselves. But these Federal "flying brigades" are doing what, exactly? Hoovering up firearms, that's what. Neither POTUS nor AG Barr are pro-gun - it's a matter of record.

Apply a simple SWOT analysis - what is our strength? Our morality, our inherent decency. Imperfect, to be sure, but at its core, it is there. But that decency has its limits.

We are already seeing small pockets of resistance rise up - the shots that were fired in PA, Bedford County, were still just shots across the bow. Were the two shooters bent on destroying that mob, they would have deployed differently, and applied a sustained, measured rate of fire - in other words, a massacre. In applying 4th generation concepts, of course, that is just what the communists would have wanted.

We are starting to see the same pockets of resistance in Kenosha. But just yesterday I saw a family piling groceries into a small sedan - it had Wisconsin plates. They must have driven through the night to get here. They had the look of refugees on their face and in their mannerisms. Terror - we both know it all too well."

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