Friday, August 7, 2020

Model suggests NC will need to reapply coronavirus restrictions in October

Via Elana


A new model from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington’s School of Medicine suggests North Carolina may need to reimpose restrictions to slow the spread of COVID-19 in October.

The model suggests North Carolina will need to reimpose mandates such as non-essential business closures and stay-at-home orders, when the daily death rate reaches 8 per million.

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  1. Because the models have been so accurate up until now ...

    [rolls eyes]

  2. Which Amendment was it that overrides all the others based on "statistical models" from a tiny handful of unelected, unaccountable academics? Like the three doctors from a single University in Ohio who are advocating for mandatory vaccinations, personal Rights be damned.
    Shocker, none of these Op-eds have a comment section. Gotta keep those echo chambers nice and clean.

    1. Thanks.

  3. Yeah, modeling reminiscent of the criminal Global Warming BS, and way too many are swallowing it whole. Fauci said 2 million would die if we didn't self-quarantine. So far, about 150,000 have died, but amazingly other major causes of death have been "miraculously declining."
    We won't know until until next year whether these deaths were truly from a new cause, or premature deaths through medical culling.

    Having lived through the Swine Flu scamdemic, I have been researching this situation since it began. We were told here in Michigan 100,000 people would die from Covid19 - so far it's around 5,000 using the highly liberal CDC guidelines. Here's what I found out:
    1) Absolutely Zero Proof of a New Virus, killer or otherwise, isolated under an electron microscope in controlled studies and photographed -- just scary Cootie cgi photos created on the computer (computer graphic image). Same symptoms as SARS from early 2000s with severe shortness of breath and low blood oxygen and people were put on ventilators and most of them died then and now.
    2) There is No Diagnostic Test for Covid19 (see #1 above) - just the old PCR test for the 'presence' of coronavirus (common cold) - the PCR inventor has stated this test was never intended to diagnose anything. These so-called anti-body tests mean Zilch. So just what are these test swabs showing with their extremely high false-positive results?
    3) Paw paw fruit, your pet dog, are testing covid19 positive - unused swabs that were sent right back to the lab with a fake patient name are coming back positive as revealed by some whistleblower nurses. What's on these swabs? Maybe you are getting infected with something you didn't have before you were swabbed. PLease stop getting swabbed if you are healthy and have a choice. You are just adding to the bogus "case" count and the continued lockdown.
    4) CDC's Dr. Birx stated that there would never be a reliable test or a vaccine because Covid19 is "multi-strained, rapidly mutating with varied levels of lethality" --yet Fauci, Gates, Rockefeller Foundation are all telling us that this worldwide spread is from a human eating a bat shishkabob. These guys stand to make billions from convincing you they are telling the truth...for the first time ever?!
    Meanwhile the Hysteria Mongers on TV tell us "We are all in this together!" Stay Scared until your Jab is Ready (even though there is a cheap effective cure that is banned in many states)! ONce I could see where this was going in an Epic Psyop, we stopped watching tv news. Sorry to say Trump is right there with FAuci and Birx with EO Operation Warp Speed to test, trace, report, and vax everybody...if you refuse, it will be your fault if more people die and the Economy crashes. GUILT & SHAME! Answer to the State or else! No thank you.
    Check out Jon Rapoport who has been reporting on this Scamdemic from the beginning -- this link is about the nefarious source of this horrendous "modeling." Read them all to find out about Fauci's history that goes back to the HIV crimes and more.

    1. Thanks and

      I didn't understand the Paw Paw Fruit reference. We have six growing for the second year.

  4. To start with, the CDC contaminated the test kits with coronaviurs
    and sent them out, all over the country. Knowing their hx, it
    was deliberate. Just like SV40, the polio vaccine from the
    50's/60's and right on until they used up all the vaccines though
    they were told to cease and desist. Certain lot#s were sent
    all over the country causing polio, death, cancer. Monkey virus
    was intentionally inserted in chosen vaccines vials.
    Never underestimate the Devil.