Thursday, August 13, 2020

NC: SBE Memo: Seven Ways to Steal Elections

How many ways can our election be stolen? According to Voter Integrity Project North Carolina, at least 7. Check this out:
This info applies ONLY to NC, though other states may have similar problems. They have a strategy posted here of how folks can canvass.
Possible solutions, or at least ways to make the mugging more difficult and easier to resist are here:
This info applies nation wide.
Scroll down on that last link to read a copy of a White House petition that has now been closed for a lack of signatures. Please Mr. Townsend, POST THIS INFORMATION. Folks need to know what we're up against and ways to fight back. Maybe see if we can get our House Reps and/or Senators to pass word on to President Trump. If we can make a big enough stink, maybe we can convince him to sign the Executive Orders outlined in the now-defunct petition.
Another possible way of fighting back is, for those who think they're up to the task, apply to work for their state Board of Elections. The NC Board is still looking to hire and that may be the case in other states as well.
Yet another way to fight back, at least in NC, is to use the following tool here:
Also a link for those wanting to work as poll observers:

~~Russell Stone in New Dale 

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