Sunday, August 16, 2020

When 'Woke Muscles' Meet Men Who Fight

Via David

Why Is It So Difficult To Make A Clench Fist Right After Waking Up?

Recently, I learned from family, friends, and neighbors what happened when Antifa, seeking to cause havoc, came to an Italian-, Irish-, and now Albanian-American Bronx neighborhood and another almost exclusively Italian-American Bronx neighborhood nearby.

Apparently, when confronted by an organized and motivated opposition, they decided that discretion was the better part of valor and retired from the field of battle.

How unexpected.  When their cowardice was exposed, they took their ball and went home — or, perhaps, to another area where they knew they would not face resistance to their riotous depredations.


  1. One of the paragraphs worth highlighting. In this great article.

    The rioting continues because Democrat governors and mayors want it to continue. They believe that the violence and destruction can be used against Trump politically to cost him re-election. The many Americans who are suffering because of their feckless leadership are, to them, merely necessary collateral damage. Imagine: if leftists are fine with hurting Americans to gain power, what will they do to us when they have it?

  2. The only places where the Antifa animals can get away with their scripted violence is in cities FIRMLY under the control of the American Communist Party nee Demonrats. Any time they show up in a place the Demonrats don't control they are met with effective opposition and do NOT enjoy the official protection of Law Enforcement. In places like Portland, Chiraq, Detoilet etc. etc. the police departments are under orders from the city governments to NOT interfere with Antifa and their crimes but to DEFINITELY harrass, harm and arrest ANYONE opposing them.