Monday, September 28, 2020

Authority vs. Power


The best defense against the Paternalism of the Federal government are the words “Our Father who art in Heaven.” A father is someone who provides freedom to his children based on genuine authority, paternalism seeks to make children live in Neverland forever. It won’t be easy, and pain is in our immediate future, but Coronavirus is forcing us out of the Lincolnian Neverland. The “peace” we’ve made with Federal paternalism is coming to an end and growing up is painful and scary but it’s our only option in light of the current crisis.
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  1. i disagree with the article. the author has redefined words to suit his thesis. redefining words is a page right out of the Marxist manifesto. true meaning of authority and power is that authority is delegated and power is seized.
    the authors definitions of these words is just disinformation to support his thesis. not a valid way of thought.

    1. Thanks and send the writer your concerns and let me know please.