Friday, September 18, 2020

Four Words – Weapon of Media Lies

Tyrants and dictators have long understood that control of public information is essential to maintain power.  Historically, news was spread by word of mouth, public oration by the town crier, or the posting of printed notices in the town square.  In our time, the speed and reach of all communication has been enormously increased by a large variety of devices that are part of the digital Internet and social media information platform. 

What has never changed, however, is the Machiavellian manipulation of words and phrases to obscure and even conceal the truth.  The purpose is not to educate, notify, or stimulate logical thought, but to restrict the thought process, limit debate, and thereby dominate the philosophy and actions of individuals and groups.  It is a deceitful process by which individual freedom is stolen by tyrants using the power of the ignorant majority.

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