Sunday, September 20, 2020

My Years As A Communist

Via Terry

 What should I read as a young aspiring communist? - Quora

I had free food, free housing, free transportation, free health care and
life insurance, free education, a free new wardrobe, a monthly stipend,
and I even got a 2 year European working holiday. I was told when to get
up in the morning, where I could live, whatI could eat, and if I didn't
obey the senior fellow Communists, I could be fined or even imprisoned.
Vaccinations were mandatory and gun control was strictly enforced. There
was a rigid hierarchy and one could advance in stature by a merit-based
system, although that was somewhat imperfect.

As you advanced in the hierarchy, you were accorded new privileges and
additional pay, but that was strictly defined according to your position
in the hierarchy. If you chose to start a family, the State would pay
you more for each child you had. Their welfare was also mostly provided
by the State, including free health care and subsidized housing and food.

If you were willing to let the State determine the training that you
received, you only needed to commit to 2 years of your life. If you
wanted a specific training though, you had to commit to 3 or 4 years of
your life.

But if you only want to do that part-time, there are opportunities for
that too. Just stop by your local community-based military recruiting
office, and begin to enjoy your new life as a Communist.

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