Sunday, September 20, 2020

Kamala Harris:’After We Impeach, We Round Up The Trump Supporters’ "May be Satire see comments.)


Shocking words were heard at a Democrat fundraiser for criminal justice reform yesterday (April 30) from presidential hopeful, Kamala Harris. While giving a speech on the effectiveness of zero punishment prosecutions, she veered off script to talk about impeaching our president and describe in detail one “crime” she would not hesitate to punish, to the absolute delight of the liberal crowd.

“…and in conclusion, I am confident that if we stop being mean to these poor souls, they will come around and be productive members of society. There are no bad people, only bad judicial systems. That’s a whole new story that shall be written later

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  1. The last thing I want to do is to be seen carrying water for Kneepads Harris, but several sites on the internet say that this quote is fake.

    Actually, I hope that the quote is genuine. In which case, "Lock and load."

    1. Thanks and may be satire, unfortunately as I agree with you.:)

      I'll add it in the heading.