Wednesday, September 2, 2020

On racism - a definition. (More meaningless meanderings in the Wee hours)

 Reverse Discrimination Ruling - YouTube
“Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the unwarranted belief that one’s own race is superior.”

'Unwarranted'  my edit.  If one, in ignorance, considers assumes superiority of the Caucasian over the Asian, say, then he, in his ignorance, is wrong. 

One lacking experience, knowledge, objectivity making such judgement proves the validity of the ASS of U + ME trope.  Being ignorant is not in itself a sin,  I myself am ignorant of too many things to list, and I lack interest and ambition to study Turkish Literature of the Nineteenth Century, for example.

Many people hate and despise Pit Bull dogs, with no experience or knowledge of the breed.  They "heard' things.  We are free to be stupid, and many luxuriate in their stupidity.

BUT, one has a responsibility to know, to seek knowledge and experience, to form his opinions and judgements.  Failing that, one forfeits his right to  expound on his beliefs or act on his opinions.  In essence, "Shut Up and Sit Down!"  He is unwarranted in his assumptions and presumptions.

In short, you can't go around shooting Pit Bulls because of shit you "heard".

BUT, let's say one has personal observation, experience, objective knowledge.  You have spent time, money, energy, effort, and good will on a project, all to no avail.  You now know that the subject is not amenable to training, discipline, is ill behaved, and hardly civilized. Is your bad opinion now justified?  

In the specific case, I say 'yes', but in general, I say never generalize.  Individuals differ.  Each should have his fair chance at proving up. 

BUT, at what point do we recognize the point of diminishing returns.  98% of your effort is spent on 6% of your subjects. Hardly seems a profitable exercise.  You are close to bankruptcy, when is it permissible to throw in the towel and accept failure, and make the necessary accommodations.

Shooting all the Pit Bulls is a non-starter.  'Just not done, old man!'  Not in a pseudo-Christian society.  Muslims and Communists can get away with it, and do.  Genocide is their most favored tactic.

OK, so, I've called my subjects Pit Bulls to illustrate my point and to avoid the usual histrionics and fist shaking.  I hope it worked.  The subject is racism, and racism can and does only affect blacks, according to their own edicts.

I say, we have four hundred years' experience of negroes in this country.  Two hundred years of that was, for the majority, in bonded servitude.  Slavery for those in Rio Vista.  The very word raises the temperature in the room, but hear me out.  The truth matters, and the truth is that American Slavery wasquite benign.  Let me expound on this a bit, while you sharpen your blades.

American Slavery held sway in milder climates, no one froze to death.  American Slavery was Agricultural, outdoor, physical labor.  Supposed to be good for one, I hear from the doctors.  
Generally, Plantations worked a ten hour day, from first light to approximately 1500, with lunch and rest breaks.  The work varied;  field work, logging, ditching, building, livestock, poultry, fishing.  Some drove wagons, others manned boats, some served the House, some served the Quarters.  
Understand this, and it's key, every Plantation was a self sustaining unit.  They ate what they grew, wore what they made, lived where they built. 

Women were taught to spin, weave, sew, make and mend, and to manage their enterprise.   Women were taught to cook, and to manage her kitchens, gardens, and logistics;  Women were taught to keep house, organize and manage a household.  Women were taught to care for the young, ill, elderly & infirm. They were generally left to their own devices in planning and executing their work. Women not capable or not willing of learning worked in the fields and gardens.   

Men were taught every trade needful to the operation . . . Sawyer, Wheelwright, Blacksmith, Boat and Wagon builder, Plumber, Carpenter, Tiler, Roofer, Hunter, Fisher, Horses, Dogs, Timber and forest management, Tinker, Glazier, Field Foremen, Section Supervisors. Crop managers, Factors and Agents.

Some served the House, others served the Quarters, all served the 'Homeplace'. 

The Owner and his family kept a general oversight, but the 'people' managed the operations.  Owners were known to tour Europe 'in season' while thePlantation forged along, managed by the 'people'.  
Consider this . . . when the War came, most white men went to fight, yet the business continued.

'Massa; left his family, property and worldly goods to the care and keeping of the 'people'.  Not one instance is ever recorded of the 'people' violating that trust.  Even when 'Massa' was killed, they stayed, loyal to their 'people'.  (Both sides had 'people' and all were the Homeplace people.) 

Nathan Bedford Forrest, the Archdemon of Yankee imagination, bragged that his black soldiers were the best Confederates he ever saw, and with 3000 of them, he could have taken Chicago.  Forrest's funeral was attended by many hundreds of black southerners, and they raised a monument to him.
More truth for another day, perhaps.

All the foregoing by way of saying those who knew blacks best, knew most were unready for freedom, and when it was forced at bayonet point, warned  of exactly what we see today.  A reversion to the primitive state.  Which by the way, is exactly the case in Africa.  South Africa is a basket case, and a genocide is underway against white South Africans,  Zimbabe nee' Rhodesia,went the same way, now begs white farmers to come back, after murdering hundreds, and destroying properties worth millions, they want 'Massa' back.  The Congo, Chad, Nigeria, anywhere in black Africa; Haiti, Brazil, black crime and violence abounds.  The old Planters were right, the black man is not ready for self governance.  Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis, Baltimore, Chicago, the litany rolls on.

No one knows how many blacks there are in the US. Estimates run about 30,000,000 or 13% of the total.  My guess is that 15,000,000 of those are good folks doing the best they can, or so I'd like to believe.  The rest are the 6% consuming 98% of our effort. 

One cannot countenance 'racism' applied to innocents, good people, but we need another 'ism' to describe the not innocent, the not good people.  

I remember once, a rattler appeared in a corner of a crowded hall, and that one beady eyed buzzer had the full attention of a hall full of people, the preacher finally tailed off, when he realized he'd lost his crowd.  Nobody breathed.  nobody moved.  An Usher thought to take broom and trash can, and sweep Mr Snek away.  I can see, in my mind's eye how well that went, and hear the 'thud' when Ol' Slither dropped out of that bucket in the middle of the aisle.  Mad rush to the walls and exits.  Girls jumping flatfooted onto the benches,  upsetting a few of them, causing even more panic. 

So we are fascinated with our 6%. 

I'm concerned because we crackers are no longer the majority, and the rising cohort has little love for D'hood and its denizens.  That's the race war I would not want to see.


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