Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Bulldog Trump Attorney To Raffensperger: “People Are Going To Prison In Georgia”

Trump campaign attorney Lin Wood warns officials in Georgia that he is coming after them for election misconduct.

This is pretty big folks 

As things continue to heat up between the Trump campaign legal team, and election officals in several states, Lin Wood has issued a dire warning to lawmakers in Georgia.

Wood claims that he has evidence of fraud on video, as well as signed, SWORN affidavits of those who witnessed the fraud first hand. 

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To all those who scoff and dismiss the evidence, I have but one thing to say: 

Wood’s got the goods. 

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  1. I'll believe it when we see the people behind this fraud perp walked into prison in orange jumpsuits. Again.... I'm not holding my breath.

  2. I with Dan, but I sincerely hope many are going to prison and many more are swinging from ropes on overpasses and lampposts. The latter should include the RHINOS who are NOT intervening to save the Republic.

    1. Guess Who is going to have to do it... I have the Rope, Brock has some Trees...

    2. Guess Who is going to have to do it... I have the Rope, Brock has some Trees... Who has the Balls?

    3. I would be very worried if in their shoes.

  3. And when this is done we need to bring back tar & feathers and the public stocks to incentivise good behavior.