Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The raid in Germany was on the CIA

Via Προστάτης 

Or so AC cites former Fox News reporter, Adam Housely:

Adam Housley, formerly of Fox News, now just using his sources to do twitter for fun, says “One of the claims by Powell I have looked into…the claim a location was raided in Germany with servers. I have 3 sources on this…all as solid as they come. Here is what I have found: 1.There is/was a clandestine location in Frankfurt run by CIA used to monitor/manipulate elections around globe. 2.That location did have servers & a front company as cover. 3.I cannot confirm the location was tied to U.S. elections. 4. One source says raided, 2 don’t know.” 

None of the usual “libs” in the comments attacking Housley or minimizing his story. Nor are the reporters from ABC, NBC, and CNN tweeting back and forth with him like they did a few days ago to call him irresponsible for saying if there are allegations of fraud, they should be checked out. Like talking about surveillance, they were told to try and let this one just drift away into the fog quietly, not call attention to it, and hope nobody noticed. 

Also note, Sidney Powell is literally a close associate of/lawyer for Michael Flynn, so she has a pipeline into the most secret areas of the intel community, so it is no surprise she was right. What this all means is Trump is playing to win. 

From that, you can infer that one, he did not just start yesterday – all of this was planned, and two, they didn’t raid a super classified CIA server farm filled with NOCs and dedicated to election hacking across the globe off of somebody’s random guess. Three, if successful (and they would be, as they would not raid such a facility off of a guess), it means there is no doubt, Trump is taking office in January, and the salt will be glorious – of a level nobody may ever again see in anyone’s lifetimes. It also means they are going to blow the whole thing open, and it will be as shocking as Q promised. 

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  1. Yep. CIA. It's the only thing that ever made any sense. It's good to have one of my 'kooky conspiracy' theories validated. Heh.

    And that's a great point about Powell and Flynn's close relationship. Hopefully he'll be able to keep his security clearance. If Brennan and Clapper can spill beans to CNN and MSNBC it would only be fair if Flynn could return the favor to Sidney. Double Heh.

    Looks like the timely pardoning of Flynn might be another 4D chess move by the Trumpster. Triple Heh.

    1. it would only be fair if Flynn could return the favor to Sidney. Double Heh.

      Looks like the timely pardoning of Flynn might be another 4D chess move by the Trumpster

      TrIple grinning here. :)

  2. Dear LORD, make it happen, yea verily, bring it to pass in our behalf,

    For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither [any thing] hid, that shall not be known and come abroad. --Luke 8:17

    Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops. --Luke 12:3

    For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad. --Mark 4:22

    Amen! --Ron W

  3. First of All, Let me Wish You and Your Family A WONDERFUL and HAPPY THANKSGIVING SIR!! THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO, and Have Done, FOR FREEDOM!! Secondly, may I say Thank you for this Article, it is an EXCELLENT ARTICLE BROCK!!

    Third, Brock, I found this article over at Mike's 90 Miles from Tyranny Site, that definitely ties into, and supports the whos, and whys, of your article. Please note that She SOUNDS VERY CONDESCENDING at first. Like a LIBERAL HACK, But then...

    "I ALMOST shut her 'Claptrap' (My First Impression) down at about the halfway mark. But, I stuck with it, and suddenly her tenor, facial expressions, and demeanor CHANGED. And this broadcast turned out to be an EXCELLENT VALIDATION of the Presidential DECLARATION of a National Emergency. It also will ease the frayed nerves of the listener by giving STRONG Indications of her support for the Legal Teams Fighting the Good Fight for President TRUMP's Re-Election VICTORY. EXCELLENT!! VERY GOOD NEWS INDEED." See what you think Brock.

    PRESIDENT TRUMP has had this all wrapped up since September 2018. He KNEW What they Were Doing back then, and Declared a VERY EXACT, and SPECIFIC, National Emergency Order to Nail them with. BRILLIANT!!

  4. "Spock, I've found that evil usually triumphs, unless good is very very careful." Leonard McCoy

    We can hope....but never underestimate what the bad guys will do to win. Especially when our side is constrained by rule and they follow only one EVERYTHING the left has done may be fully exposed....and it still may change nothing.

    1. never underestimate what the bad guys will do to win.

      Including the killing of 25 million, though I suspect the number has gone up since the eighties.

  5. I found her style too much to listen to, or to watch for very long.

    I decided to look up what Declaration(s) of National Emergency has/have been recently made.

    Here is one:

    I typed in "National Emergency" with "six months" as the search parameter.

    There are quite a few entries for continuation of National Emergencies related to various countries, such as this:

    Here is one from September on terrorism and people who support them:

    There are probably more. Those just "jumped out" at me.

    Miss Emma

  6. For those interested in the subject, but can't stomach the video:

    National Security is JOB #1 For POTUS. President TRUMP takes that Mantle of Responsibility Very Serious. Joe Biden is a National Security Risk due to his, and Hunter's, "Alleged Taking of Bribes" from The Ukraine, China, Iran, Russia, and whoever else wanted to purchase some influence peddling.


      Unfortunately, this hasn't gotten legs so far.