Friday, November 27, 2020

How to Listen to Jazz


When you hear the word “jazz,” what type of music pops into your head?  What do you hear?  You probably hear piano, brass, saxophone, or all of the above.  But do you hear it melodious and catchy, or do you hear it jumbled and chaotic?  There’s a lot of jazz out there that’s very melodious and catchy, and extremely easy to listen to.  Unfortunately, there is also a significant amount of jazz that is confusing and befuddling, and it has the effect of turning off potential listeners and fans.  The funny part is that it was meant to be that way.  It’s intended to be chaotic without any concern for whether you like it or not.  So, since a lot of jazz is so purposefully off-putting, how are you supposed to listen to it?

I got this.  Let me show you how.  But first, how about a little background?

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  1. Miles Davis was my first thought on Jazz. Louis Armstrong was Mississippi Jazz/Blues. The influence on Rock-n-roll, progressive country, and regional sounds was significant.