Thursday, December 17, 2020

In Colorado, They're Counting Gun Shot Fatalities as COVID Deaths

 Via Cousin John

In Colorado, They're Counting Gun Shot Fatalities as COVID Deaths

A coroner in Colorado is sounding the alarm over how deaths in her county are being counted and attributed to Wuhan coronavirus.

"The coroner, Brenda Bock, says two of their five deaths related to COVID-19 were people who died of gunshot wounds," CBS News Denver reports. "Bock says because they tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 30 days, they were classified as 'deaths among cases.'"

Bock is calling the classification "absurd" and raises concerns death classifications are falsely driving the narrative about the direction of the pandemic. Health officials in the state say they're simply following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control on how to classify deaths of individuals from and with the virus. 

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  1. FWIW:
    1) COVID is being listed as present at death, not cause of death, in the named cases. There's nothing suspicious about that, since she admits it to be factually true, in the news interview.

    2) There is zero evidence the CDC is adding the cases to the list of COVID deaths, anywhere. If they were, there would be no need for the separate categories, would there?

    3) Brenda Bock isn't a pathologist. In fact, she isn't even a physician of any type. There is no listing of her holding any sort of professional license of any type from the State of Colorado's online database.

    4) In fact, from the bio from her last election run, her only qualification in any medical capacity was as an EMT (a whole 110 hours of training, at a level only slightly higher than Red Cross Advanced First Aid). Which medical post she held last prior to 1995, a mere 25 years ago.
    She's mainly been a volunteer and part-time, later full-time, deputy coroner. Before getting a mail-order certificate for a job after she'd been on it for 7 years, and which she received 18 years ago. In a county with a tad more than 14,000 residents, total. In short, she's a well-meaning amateur, whose medical training barely crests above "stayed in a Holiday Inn Express once". If there's a veterinarian in town, that person outranks her in terms of medical training. In fact, if there's a retired paramedic in that town, that person has 20 times the medical training that Bock, as county coroner has.

    In summation, it was a slow news day at the BFColorado branch of SeeBS Snooze, so they decided to throw an M-80 in the outhouse, just to watch the feces fly.

    The entire story is a non-event, from a non-entity, who's grossly under-qualified for even the job she holds, and speaking about things far beyond her ken.

    She reminds of nothing so much as Aunt Clara from Bewitched, except Bock isn't acting.

    What credence one should therefore place in her concerns is probably something too small to be measured with existing instrumentation.

    1. Thanks and I believe they receive more money either way.

    2. Which exposition would make the better story.

  2. If they can steal a presidential election inflating the Covid death count is a snap.

  3. Someone needs a FOIA request to the CDC to get their guidance for counting deaths. Of course, it defeats the medias narrative so it would never get airplay.

  4. Same as very old people with respiratory issues. Before they would have died of the flu and pneumonia but now it is the China virus.

  5. At least it's not the other way 'round
    counting COVID deaths as gunshot deaths