Sunday, January 24, 2021

Clifton Clowers: One of the "greatest generation" people who made this country great.

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Here is one of the "greatest generation" people who made this country great. This is a picture of Clifton Clowers plowing his field at the age of 100. Clowers was the subject of a Merle Kilgore hit song called "Wolverton Mountain." Mr. Clowers lived to be 102 (1891 - 1994) where he actually lived and farmed that land on Wolverton Mountain. A solid American who was just who he was, although he rubbed shoulders with a lot of famous people after the song was written about him. 
That's the kind of man I want to be! Just be me, warts and all, a responsible human being plowing my own field. These were the men who made America great, we need a lot more of them today; and a lot fewer of those "give-me," "entitled" "hand-out" people in this country. Hey, plow your own field. That's what Clifton Clowers did.


  1. Clifton Clowers, had a pretty young daughter

  2. Many years ago my great uncle was being driven from Tarboro - Edgecombe County to Rock Mount - Nash County, NC in his buggy by Joe a black man. Back then Nash County was poor and Edgecombe rich. (Tar River). At any rate Joe mentions to his passenger that they were now in Nash County and when my great uncle questioned him as to how he knew, he said there's a woman plowing! There was enough income in Edgecombe to allow only males to plow.

  3. I don't have a plow, but I'll aim to be like Mr. Clowers.

    1. Yes and reminds me of a 92 year old man who started a new business. Definitely a glass half full. :)