Thursday, January 14, 2021

GAB CEO: “I had very close relationships with Facebook and Twitter…”I got to see the evils of their business model for many years”…”What we’re seeing in America right now is the rise of Communism” [VIDEO]

Via Billy

During an interview with WBRE, a local tv station in Scranton, PA, Andrew Torba, the Christian CEO of Gab, answered many of the questions Americans are asking about the alternative, free speech platform.

 “I was living and working in Silicon Valley at the time, and I had very close relationships inside of Facebook, Twitter, and Google, by nature of my last start-up company which was a digital advertising company,” Torba explained, adding, “I got to see the evils of their business model for many years.” The GAB CEO explained that because of the many relationships he developed within these big tech companies, he had “insider sources” who warned him that “the rise of censorship was coming and was inevitable.”

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  1. "what we're seeing right now is the rise of Communism". Talk about a "NO SHIT!" statement.

  2. Hey Brock, This censorship of Free Speech cannot stand. Thankfully, American ingenuity always prevails. Here is an article that lists numerous alternatives to the Big Guys from The Conservative Society:


    1. Thanks.

  3. Hey Brock, We all Need a good Laugh now and then. I'm not sure how I stumbled onto this one. But, I figured I should share it with you. On ONE CONDITION PLEASE, Keep my Name out of it, or label it as Are You Schitting Me or COME ON, Man... A WARNING, that lets everyone know that something ridiculous this way comes. The Comments are even more hillary-ous. Here:

    Cheers! ;<)