Sunday, February 14, 2021

A Progressive Empire, Left and Right

 Image result for Revolution from the Middle, Samuel T. Francis, Middle American Press, 19

 It can be argued that the end of American republican government ended in 1861 with the industrialized state warring upon the Constitution and the agricultural South. The triumphant North launched its Gilded Age combine of government, corporations, millionaires and financial manipulation, as well as foreign imperialism, which brought the country to European military intervention. Then came the Depression. The first European military intervention set the stage for another even more costly; an American president then warned of a military-industrial complex that had emerged.

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  1. The challenge to the culture came after the US had "tamed" the West and the South. At that point the economic engine that was laid down started to give time to pursuits more inwardly focused towards the culture (Prohibition, Socialism / Collectivism) which also perversely focused the elites outward to expand their reach beyond the US borders. Globalism grew hand in hand with the incremental subjugation of the US people.