Sunday, February 14, 2021

Free Thy Mind

Part of this is to unrelentingly push the narrative that Joe Biden is illegitimate and the whole congress is complicit in his illegitimacy by refusing to force an audit of the vote and operating now illegally under a corrupt election. 

The ridiculous second impeachment of Donald Trump failed to secure a conviction. The ways and manner that this fiasco took place at all should and probably does alarm you all. It was a deliberate disregard for the Constitution that almost all of the people in the federal government openly disdain and ridicule. The federal government is a body of dictators. They recognize no higher authority than themselves. It isn't much better at the state, county or city levels.

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  1. Agean Stables. We have a lot of muck to clear out. There is a river near by. ;-)

  2. Nancy Piglosi has requested a Special Investigation of the Actions on Capital Hill on Jan. 6th. Seems like this article from the Western Journal might shed light on why she wants to get ahead of this Tsunami.

    Your Time is Gonna Come, Nancy... RESIGN or RETIRE NOW to save face.

    1. RESIGN or RETIRE NOW to save face.