Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Comment on "Early Access to FrankSpeak"

Early Access to FrankSpeak

As an American Patriot, I have been donating to the politician's most of my life. After many thoughts and consideration, I find that my donations have been used to destroy my way of life. As of late I see that my vote does not matter, because that has been rigged all of my life. America has a corrupt government and as I see it, every politician is corrupt and most of them are known thieves and pedophiles. I used to respect the government, the politicians as I thought that a person that worked in the government were top of the line United States citizens to be able to work for the government. Well lately I have found that I have been completely wrong thinking this way, most people that work for the government are corrupt or they support the corruption. For me and my house, I will never donate 1 red cent to this government and I would proudly enlist as a firing squad member to serve justice to these lowlife bastards. So please don't ask me for a donation!


  1. I'd be proud to stand next to you with my '06, as long as they provide me the bullet
    Well maybe, just maybe, I'll use one of my handloads

  2. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!! Check out this video from American Media Periscope, Brock. This IS a GREAT MOVEMENT for the Restoration of OUR NATIONAL SOVERIGNITY.