Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Robert E. Lee: Educator and Facilitator

Robert E. Lee considered reconciliation and education to be his highest duties after the War. While many other Confederate leaders left the United States, Lee remained in Virginia and worked to heal the wounds of the War. He turned down political positions and refused to capitalize on his name, and instead accepted a position as President of Washington College to revive the struggling school’s fortunes. As Philip Leigh explains, Lee should be remembered as one of the greatest Americans in history.


  1. it won't be long b4 they take his name off the school he saved from bankruptcy. they are leaving Jackson's name in places at vmi, but adding professor in place of stonewall or general. sanitizing history but keeping the ties that bring in the alumni bucks. i still salute the spot the stonewall statue stood and say "good morning general, wherever you are." every morning. kinda like the marine did chesty puller in the day. guess that tradition went away too...