Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Vietnam: Former POW, Orson Swindle & Dr. Hal Kushner POW The Most Powerful Memorial Day Speech

 Via Anonymous "The interviewer is a tad irritating, but Mr. Swindle is well worth listening to. Sound quality of Mr. Swindle's voice is fine, but that of the questions is poor."


 Dr. Hal Kushner:"The Most Powerful Memorial Day Speech - From A Former POW"


  1. Thank you very much for those. I don't know have words to say what is in my heart. God bless them.

    I enjoyed listening to Brig. Gen. Robinson Risner in this interview from April 2, 1981:

  2. I also very much appreciated this video, "Prisoners of Hope", with Jeremiah Denton, Eugene "Red" McDaniel, Norm McDaniel, James Mulligan, Porter Halyburton, Fred Cherry, Leo Thorsness, Roger Ingvalson, Sam Johnson.... (Hope I have the names right.)

    This one would be a good introductory video for those who do not necessarily need the details of the horrors, such as children, or other people who might have trouble with details of torture.

    The men also talk of their faith.