Saturday, April 17, 2021

EVIDENTLY A SCAM: We specialize in one owner seized, repo, forfeited, surplus vehicles(Cars, Trucks, RV Boats) - 30 day return/6 month warranty Free shipping over $2,000


2012 Ford F150 FX4 SuperCrew


Video inside
Miles: 61,000 mi
1 owner, clean title, non smoker, accidents free

More @ Used Care.FM


  1. I would be interested as well.

  2. Anonymous:

    I do believe that that website is a fraud. It was just created at the end of March and has a website rating of 2.8 out of 100 on the scam website rating I researched. I did find a review that said the pontoon boat listed was taken directly from an individual posting his boat for sale and then posted on this website for much less money.

  3. Thank you for the info. Two items that I thought suspicious were every vehicle was non-smoking and the free shipping over $2K.

  4. Yep... Also, I google-maps all the addys and got the 'ground view'.. the "Main Office" is some abandoned looking warehouse/industrial area, the "repair shop" is a car wash in LA, and the SD "repair shop" is an open field... then the Scottish A.O. is a mental health clinic. Total scam-o-rama

    1. Scottish A.O. is a mental health clinic.

      Appropriate. :)

  5. Dang, I was looking hard at the 5th wheel trailer.

  6. :) I was looking at the 2014 Coachmen Freelander 19CB

  7. These types of scam adverts have been around for some time in England.
    Over here there's no deterrent even if they do get caught, the police more or less give up because either Crown Prosecution Service bollockses any prosecution up or some soft judge gives them a telling off and lets them walk.