Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Foreign investors are increasingly choosing Vietnam as a China plus one destination


With several investors moving or diversifying their production, choosing an alternate production base may be challenging especially during a pandemic.

Investors should therefore do a thorough due diligence and ensure that they are well prepared before relocating their production.

Vietnam Briefing employs our Business Intelligence services to highlight important factors when choosing to relocate or diversify your manufacturing operations.

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  1. How is Vietnam (or Kambodia) for foreigners to live there ?

    1. The last time I went and for 5 months they were great though not as good as in 1994/75. Here is a search from the last time I went and the search was for Saigon December. If you search for Saigon January through May you will come up with others I posted. I think you would enjoy them. The food was the big winners. :)