Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Royal aides want Harry and Meghan to give up their titles: Insiders condemn prince's 'disgraceful' podcast attack on family that has left the palace feeling 'bewildered and betrayed'

The Queen, Prince Philip and Prince Charles attending the wedding of Princess Eugenie at St. George's Chapel in Windsor in 2018

   Palace aides have called on Duke and Duchess of Sussex to give up their titles
    Senior courtiers spoke of a growing sense of 'bewilderment and betrayal'
    They are particularly incensed by Harry's criticism of Prince Charles's parenting

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  1. How come covid couldn't take these shape-shifting lizzards off the payroll ? ---what a useless, cheap-chinese dollar-store virus !!

  2. My family came from Ireland in the 1870s.

    The brit royals?
    The brit royals are perpetually bewildered.
    Bewilderment is just about par for that course.

    And 'no', our home did not serve 'english muffins'.
    And 'yes', the portrait of the queen was on the dartboard.