Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Watch: Israeli Precision Bombing Pounds Gaza Terror Tunnels

The Israeli military unleashed another heavy wave of airstrikes late Monday into Tuesday morning across the Gaza Strip, demolishing a host of terrorist tunnels and the homes of nine Hamas commanders. Sixty-two fighter jets dropped 110 “guided armaments” on 65 targets in the retaliatory strikes.

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  1. Yay for Israel. Don't take any more crap from those hamas a-holes.

  2. The US is providing Israel with weapons via US taxpayers monies so
    why isn't Russia helping Hamas/Palestine. The best Hamas has is
    glorified Roman candles. Willie Pete reported to be used by
    Israel. Whole neighborhoods are being liquefied. It almost seems
    the main targets in Palestine are kids. Italy stopped a boat-
    load of weapons going to Israel - said they would not be a part
    of the blood shed.

  3. Geeze Louise, Once again Brock we come face to face with the unsinkable TRUTH, President TRUMP had/has the RIGHT PLAN for the Middle East. The Obiden Cabal hasn't got a clue. Here is an article from the American Thinker that I found interesting.



    1. Thanks. https://freenorthcarolina.blogspot.com/2021/05/what-trump-meant-to-millions.html