Thursday, June 10, 2021

John Rich Blasts Other Country Music Stars For Their Silence As Leftist Ideologies ‘Aim To Erase What They Care About’

Niles Harris with Big Kenny & John Rich

Big & Rich In Vietnam for 8th of November

Big & Rich brought the Vietnam experience back into focus with their music video, 8th Of November, inspired by the story of Vietnam veteran Niles Harris. Kris Kristofferson introduces the story and song, referring to Niles Harris as the man who gave Big Kenny his top hat. “Greater love has no man than to lay down his life for his brother”, is a quote from Jesus.

Big & Rich is an American country music duo comprising Big Kenny (Kenny Alphin, former solo artist and lead singer for luvjOi) and John Rich (former vocalist and bassist of Lonestar). They first performed together in 1998. In 2002 Big & Rich were visiting Deadwood, South Dakota, on a looking for inspiration from the stark and historic city. To make ends meet they played at a saloon where Niles Harris tends bar. As they talked with Niles they heard the inspiration for their song, 8th of November.

As a 19 year old Niles was assigned to the US Army’s 173rd Airborne Brigade in Vietnam. On November 5, 1965 he joined his C Company landing in Vietnam’s War Zone D. Three days later, his Second Platoon, with just 30 men, was attacked by 1,200 soldiers of the North Vietnamese Army equipped with machine guns, claymores and sniper rifles. At the end of that fateful day, 48 Americans and over 400 North Vietnamese soldiers had died. Harris received a purple heart for his service.

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 The country music industry is out of touch with the audience.”

 On Thursday, country music star John Rich, an acknowledged political conservative, blasted country music stars who refrain from taking a stand against the erosion of conservative values pushed by the political Left. He tweeted, “There are many conservative country music singers that just won’t say anything to push back against the ideologies that aim to erase what they care about. Why? You know why. I hope soon we see them start to speak up.

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