Thursday, June 10, 2021

Michael Flynn Issues Message to Americans: ‘Don’t Feel Sorry for Me’ the Real Victim was the Country and Trump & You’re About To See “Some Real Bombshells”

 Michael Flynn Issues Message to Americans: ‘Don’t Feel Sorry for Me’

National Security Advisor Michael Flynn is speaking out this week, six months after he received a full pardon from former President Donald Trump over allegations that he lied to the FBI. Though Flynn acknowledges that this entire situation took a toll on him and his family, he doesn’t want Americans to feel sorry for him, as he feels other things deserve their pity instead.

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 You’re About To See “Some Real Bombshells”


  1. Are we getting ready for something real ? or is this Flynn guy just dangling hot air before ditto-heads ?

  2. I have been waiting for some "bombshells" so please lets get on with it.

  3. We have been lulled into the “Just wait until (fill in the blank)” before. I’ll hold my enthusiasm until I see/hear some actual bombshells.

  4. Yawn! Wake me when something TRULY important in perp walks and prison sentences for the criminals behind this Crime Of The Century. In the meantime I'll continue prepping for the coming conflict and collapse.

  5. I'll believe it when I see it. Lucy is holding the football, Charlie Brown.