Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Prognosis USA

What to Read After 1984 | Bookshop Santa Cruz

Conditions continue to deteriorate, casualties of the experimental drug mount unreported  .  .  .  fake presidents, enemies in high places, fake vaccines for fake epidemics; Flag day (Yesterday) goes generally unobserved, today the 246th anniversary of the US Army, presently being purged of Patriots in favor of pansies;  America's honor, history and tradition besmirched and held up to ridicule;  200 pound men competing against 100 pound girls in sports; the flood of Abortions unabated;  half the country stoned on some drug or other,   Lies, lies and more lies, the patient is terminal . . .   the Fourth of July and Bastille Day are visible on the horizon. If we are to salvage anything from this wreck, we'd damn well be about it SOON.

And no, the Audits will not change anything.  



  1. My prognosis for pretty much everybody else:
    * as we know, the S.A.R.S.-CoV inoculations are in the 'testing-by-injecting-then-watching' phase.
    The inocs are the test group while non-inocs are the control group.
    I anticipate behavioral modifications among the inocs, gradual at first, then water-fall accelerating.
    These events are unprecedented, I anticipate an unknowable outcome.
    * drought(s)... leading to migration toward wet areas (Paraguay, Oregon), leading to conflict against/from water-holders.
    * supply stoppages.
    Everything you carry is all you will ever have.
    * fracturing of loyalties in heritage America, leading to 'Balkanization' partially-based on pigment.
    * sharp increases in 'chimp-outs' based on nobody stopping them the second time or the fiftieth time.
    * wild-fire diseases from sewage and corpses -- diarrhea leading to malnutrition and dehydration and death, cholera, malaria, encephalitis, elephantitis, hemorrhagic fevers such as Ebola.
    Mosquito diseases such as West Nile.
    Ticks, lice, fleas.
    * complete breakdown of medical supplies.
    Medical facilities and medicine manufacturing occupied by warlords.
    * hijacking of any-value targets -- manufacturers, trucks, trains, buses, schools.
    Water-treatment facilities.
    Farmers toiling as slaves under warlords.
    * any female of any age returned to the status of chattel.
    Eighteen is the new old.
    And then, the whole shootin' match goes to pot.
    On the 'plus' side:
    * mercenaries tend to stay bought.
    * college professors are 'confronted' by unpayable-debt unemployable students.
    * the pronoun-speak crowd ('I' is now 'they', 'she' is 'xhey', men are not) fumbles the ball and gets booted off the team.
    My prognosis for me -- sitting in the porch rocker with the dogs and popcorn, enjoying the nincompoopery.
    How about you and yours?

    1. My prognosis for me -- sitting in the porch rocker with the dogs and popcorn, enjoying the nincompoopery.
      How about you and yours?

      Sounds good!