Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Route 66: The History and Adventures of the Mother Road


Quick, what’s the most famous American road that pops into your mind? What’s the first answer in your mind without thinking about it? Is it U.S. Highway 101 that takes you up the Pacific Coast? How about U.S. Highway 1 that goes from Maine to the Florida Keys? Could it be that interstate bypass that’s just as congested as the main highway on your daily commute (although nobody wants to think about that one)? If you’re an RVer, your answer may be U.S. Highway 66, also known as Route 66. There’s no other road that symbolizes America and its heritage than this iconic highway. We’ll show you the history under the pavement, how the Main Street of America gained fame throughout time, the innovations the Mother Road gave birth to, and who Route 66 calls “Papa.”

From Trails to Foundations

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  1. Thank you. That made my afternoon. Now, it's time for a Bombay Sapphire martini and a Chesterfield.

    1. Love it!
      W. C. Fields recipe for a perfect Martini: 3 parts Gin and a quick glance at the Vermouth bottle.